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we tribute to all women on earth with this skateboard deck wall art series. the women's day collection represents a long walk for gender equality and human rights for women around the globe. We feel as a creative collective an obligation in the 21st century to be part of this movement and speak loudly about fairness and equality for women. We believe that a modern society treats all the same way with dignity and respect.

In the western Occident the rose is a symbol of similar importance as for the eastern lotus. The rose is a very complex symbol that represents both heavenly perfection and earthly passion. As a flower it stands for time and eternity, life and death, fertility and virginity. Let us remember and celebrate the 8th March as we party new years eve in honor to the women

art skateboard - women's day flex 960 - FRONTSIDE - by
women's day flex 960 by
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art skateboard - women's day cruise 900 - FRONTSIDE - by
women's day cruise 900 by
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art skateboard - women's day city 810 - FRONTSIDE - by
women's day city 810 by
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art skateboard - women's day mini 670 - FRONTSIDE - by
women's day mini 670 by
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