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Limited edition by Markus Oz Huber

Hossegor City 810

  • Of all the surf towns in Europe, Hossegor on the French Atlantic coast is our absolute favorite. The mix of French bakeries, cafes and bars, plus the countless surf spots and surf stores. To the Hossegor design, a line was added to the base, thus focusing the eye on the center. Being in balance is an art not only on the board, but also in life. By the way, Hossegor hosts two major world championship contests every year: Quiksilver Pro and Roxy Pro.

    Artist Markus Oz Huber
    Edition Limited edition of 3
    Print Thermo sublimation print
    Signature Hand-signed
    Date 2022
    Setup Single Deck
    Size Shape specific, check features
    Material Bambus core with flex fibrelayers
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